Ian Wells
Sculpture Moulding

We have a well equipped, light and airy workshop conveniently situated 15 minutes from junction 9 of the M40 between Bicester and Aylesbury.


The moulding process: This involves producing a cold cure silicon rubber mould of the artist's clay original or stone carving. This rubber mould, with a fibreglass jacket, will be designed to produce waxes by bronze foundries, or for the manufacture of cold cure resin bronze casting.


I offer a one cure resin casting alongside the main moulding service. This can be achieved in a variety of resin including bronze, copper, aluminium, iron, stone and white marble. Bronze pieces can be patented with a light, medium, dark or verdegris finish.


I can do on site moulding for large pieces of sculpture that cannot easily be moved to my workshop. We also welcome visitors to the workshop to see work in progress or to discuss pieces of work. Please phone for an appointment or an initial discussion about your requirements, or send photographs by email or post.


Terms of Payment


All works will be estimated and written quotes given to customers. Payment will be required 50% up front and the remainder within 30 days of delivery or collection. Prices quoted will be valid for 3 months.